I can do all things 

When you are at the beginning of writing a journal again, what do you write about? How do you translate the many words, thoughts and feelings that are raging inside your head, to then put pen to paper? 

My Achilles’ Heel was the unprecedented fear of being judged. But that’s what a journal’s meant to be — private. I could not bring myself to see past that fear. Until now.

I surrendered myself to the might of the word. I said a prayer. And I began to write. Boy, did I write. I poured, I cried, I laughed. And when I read it all back, I saw my feelings in its entirety laid out before me, streaks of ink that finally coalesced into meaning.  

I know that one day I will look back on these words, and see the journey that I have made. And I will know that it was with help. I am on a journey home. To where I once was a long time ago.

“I stand upon the solid rock

Of faith in Christ

This steadfast hope shall not

Break apart within the trial

I am assured

His promises will never fail

As long as life remains

He is faithful”


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